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26 Dec, 2018

STELLATUM Update 1.5.5

Added player respawn. Now, when you lose, the player's ship can be revived 2 times with 50% armor. The number of hit points for the bosses of the first race has been reduced. Some player’s guns are improved. The bug of blueprints when creating components from materia was fixed. Improved interface elements.

25 Aug, 2018

STELLATUM Update 1.4.5 Arena mode and a new kind of loot!

We are happy to announce the next major update of Stellatum!

Arena mode is added to the game. This is an endless game of survival. You begin your battle to survive with the base ship. After successful completion of each generated level, you will receive random ship details with random characteristics. For the destruction of opponents and completing levels you will get score points that will be displayed in the leaderboard. When your ship is destroyed your points will reset, but your best record and 25% of the received parts remain. Starting your battle again, you will not start from scratch. Get new sensations from Stellatum and get the leadership in the ranking of players!

24 Nov, 2018

HexLab Update 1.0.2

Corrected the difficulty balance at all levels.
Improved AI.
Improved game performance
Multiplayer improved.
Small bugs are fixed.
The design of some levels has been changed.

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19 Nov, 2018

Aircraft Evolution Update 1.2

We are happy to announce the next major update of Stellatum! Improved game performance.

The balance of the hitpoints amount in buildings is improved.
The balance of opponents in the 4th era is revised.
The design of some levels has been changed.
Changed the balance of bomb damage.
Changed the balance of gaining experience and player levels.
Some bugs fixed.

3 Apr, 2018

Aircraft Evolution Update 1.0 Release

We are happy to announce that Aircraft Evolution is ready for release! Thanks to everyone who supported the project in early access and helped improve the game.
This is not the last update, Aircraft Evolution will continue to be updated and grow. A lot of interesting things await you!

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